Monday, November 10, 2008

Yoga is not for Sissy's

Recently, I decided that it was time to get into a organized workout routine. Anderson is too young to go to the nursery at the gym (have to be 6 months). Working out after Brad gets home is hit or miss since he often has to work late for board meetings, and other hospital business, etc... and working out at 8pm just won't work for me because I would be all sorts of jacked up and would not get any sleep that I so desperately need now. I found out about this mommie and me yoga class and signed up thinking it would be a nice and relaxing way to start to get back in shape and also Anderson could come along for the ride. Now, I do know that mommie and me exercise classes are not perfect as you have crying babies and the sorts. I was fine with that. What I was not expecting was Anderson to feel like he weighs 3 times what he actually does and to have to use both railings all weekend to get up and down our stairs because my quads felt like they were on fire. Even worse is that I STILL hurt! As the old saying goes "no pain, no gain" I guess. Nonetheless, we will be going back in a few short days for another hour of torture for the sake of fitness!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Jenn! I love your blog! Anderson is such a cute little cowboy. :)

Christie said...

That is hilarious! I can picture you now... Getting back into working out is always the hardest part! At least you got started!

Jodie said...

Ha - yoga is definitely not for sissys!