Thursday, November 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up III: Ladykillers!

On the way back home on Sunday afternoon, we had just enough time to make a couple social calls. First stop was to visit with our good friends Rob and Ginny and their son, Ford. Mine and Ginny's due dates were 4 days apart--Ginny ended up going the long haul to right before her due date (Ford was born 8/26/08) and Anderson came a bit early (8/15/08). We had not been able to get together since the boys were born and were anxious to have the boys meet---as if they would remember anything!! Brad and I were so glad to see them, and I think Ford and Anderson enjoyed themselves as well!!

Ford and Anderson--BFF


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Jennifer said...

Anderson is such a little handsome devil. He and Ford could get into some serious trouble together one day with those looks! :)