Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little History......

After everyone has talked about how much fun blogging is, I decided that it was time to give it a whirl. Now that Anderson is here, I feel that we now have something that people would actually like to read about--instead of just Brad and me! I think that it is necessary to give everyone a little history of where we have been and what we have been up to the past few months and a few tidbits about the past 4 years. As there are many significant events that have taken place! So here we go, from the oldest to the most recent.....

August 7, 2004: Brad and Jennifer get married!
August 2004: Jennifer moves to Mississippi to join Brad.
December 2004: We move to Memphis.
August 2005: We move to back to Charleston.

fast forward a couple of years...

December 2007: We find out they are going to have a baby!
March 2008: Playing for team's a boy!
June 2008: We move from Charleston to another city in the lowcountry.
August 15, 2008: Anderson, our sweet baby boy makes his debut.

There have been many other fun things I would love to talk about---2 fabulous baby showers, vsiting with our friends in Charleston who also had babies over the summer, trip to HHI and the Heritage, trip to Baltimore and NYC, all of our friends and family who have come to visit, Paige and Charlie get engaged, the engagement party---but this is becoming the world's longest post so I will refrain!

Since August, life has been about the adjustment period and learning how to be first time parents to Anderson. We are getting the hang of it and are excited about what is to come!
So, here we go....I am going to start the official regular blogging updates with Halloween and our little cowboy!

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Jo Leigh said...

Yea!!! How exciting that we will be able to keep up with you guys better!!! Anderson is such a handsome little man, & I'm glad to hear that you guys are all doing so well! Thanks so much for sharing your blog & I look forward to keeping up with you guys!

Christie said...

I am glad you have hopped on the bandwagon!