Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Shoot--WORK IT!

I had some pictures taken of Anderson and some of us together not too long ago. Since he can't do all that much right now, I just wondered what kind of pictures that we were going to end up with. He did such a great job for the Janet, the photographer, and worked it out during his shoot! He can be such a ham! Janet did a great job capturing some snipets of his personality and spent two hours working with him!

Here is the link to take a peek: scroll down to the portfolio section and look for Talbert Family

You will notice that there are none with Brad--as he had to "work late" and made it home as Janet was leaving!


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Jo Leigh said...

Those turned out great! He is such a little cutie! Brayden really enjoyed the slideshow with me...he just kept smiling at seeing Anderson on the computer! Thanks for sharing!