Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Sheriff in Town/Brian and Kim come for a visit!

Anderson was a little cowboy for Halloween this year--a gift from his great-grandmother, Mommie. Walking Horse, the street across from our neighborhood, has a hayride every year to take the kiddos trick-or-treating to the few houses that are actually in our area. We walked down there to meet more of our neighbors (as those of you who have been to our house know that we are the only ones on our street and the nearest neighbors are horses) and to see the other kiddies in costume. Anderson was too little for the hayride this year--maybe next Halloween he will be ready!

Our friends Brian and Kim came to visit over the weekend. We know there are busy people and are glad they were able to find the time to come visit us! Brad stole the camera basically all weekend to take with them in the event one of them got the big one when they were out hunting! So, I do not have a picture of Kim for the posting :(

Brian and Anderson

Brian, Anderson, and Brad

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Fran S. said...

I'm going to really enjoy sharing in watching Anderson grow! Love your blog beginnings..........
Anderson is the cutest cowboy I've ever seen!
Aunt Fran