Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jingle Bells!

The most fantastic thing happened to me when I got in the car this morning to run some errands. I was becoming irritated because there was not a single good song playing. And it is not like I do not have choices---I mean, between FM, 1000 channels of XM radio, and AM (not that I was expecting to really find anything on the AM station, but you get my point). Not one song worth listening to....until I turned it to 98.7......and I hear very clearly.....JINGLE BELLS!!
Oh yes, it is here, all Christmas all the time until midnight on the 25th!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Jenn, I found the "Holly" station on XM last week and have been enjoying Christmas songs already too! Even if it isn't Thanksgiving yet! I LOVE all the great songs, it really does put you in the mood. MERRY CHRISTMAS!