Monday, November 17, 2008

Funday Sunday!

What a great day! We officially joined the church on Sunday! We have been attending since we moved in June (except for a brief hiatus when I was on bedrest and right after Anderson was born). Everyone there has made us feel so welcome and I am excited to find my place in the church. On the way home, we get a call from my parents who say they are on the way to visit. It was a great surprise and we were glad to be able to spend the afternoon with them. I know Anderson must have been glad to have someone else play with him and enjoyed all of the attention. Later that evening, Christie, Brad and their children--Tyler, Sanders, and Gibson---met us in Bluffton for an early supper at Paulie's Pizza. It was great to visit with them and the kiddos. Dinner also came with some entertainment as Tyler and Sanders sang us the songs they sung in the children's choir that morning in church! We loved it! Anderson slept through the entire ordeal, which is quite a change from the last time we went to dinner and he screamed the entire time!

Anderson with his grandparents!

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Jodie said...

Grandparents-schmandparents - those two look like newlyweds!

Fran S. said...

I'm loving your blog! Keep posting the great pictures!