Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up Part I: Bringing Down the House (sort of)!

We had such a great weekend filled with so many blog worthy posts that I am going to have to have at least 2 or 3 parts to the posting! My OT girls (by best buddies from occupational therapy school) all rented a house at Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms over the weekend for our friend Holly's wedding. Usually it is just us girls, but this time the husbands and Anderson came along for the festivities (a friend of mine, Stacy, watched him on Sat. night--thank you Stacy!!) We come from all over--Charlotte, Boston, Columbia, Hilton Head, and Winston-Salem--so getting together is not an easy feat. As usual, every time we all get together there are many things to talk about on Monday morning. But, it was apparent that our days acting as if we were at Mandalay "cause its ladies night and the feelins' right..." in downtown Charleston were over. That bar is not even there anymore if that tells you anything and we were all more interested in a good night of sleep--thus the bringing down the house (sort of) title. Wonderful laid back weekend chatting, laughing till you cry, shopping, and watching football. Only one crisis popped up.....wardrobe malfunction....Rachel's zipper broke on the dress she was going to wear to the wedding about 15 minutes before we were to leave. Pete, being the super-husband that he is, tried his best to fix that blasted thing. He might have just passed the bar exam, but that zipper got the best of him! Luckily, Shelley remembered the code to Melanie's car from our MUSC days and broke in to get the dress she wore the night before (Melanie was a bridesmaid and was already at the wedding). The dress looked great on Rachel and the show went on! Can't wait until girls weekend!!!

Melanie, Me, Shelley, Holly, Rachel, Kasey

Rachel, Kasey, Shelley, Melanie, Me

Shelley, Kasey, Me (w/Anderson), Rachel, Melanie

Congratulations Jantz and Holly!!! There was a great shot of the guys....I did not get it on my camera but will post it when I get my hands on it!!

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