Friday, July 17, 2009

Go to Harbourfest!

Since we live south of the broad river in the county I grew up in, we are lucky to have lots of friends and family that still live north of the broad. Consequently, whenever someone ventures this way to enjoy our shopping venues (like Target, Tanger Outlets, and World Market) we get some visitors! It is such a treat to have people swing by b/c they are in the area and it really means a lot when the extra effort is made! THANKS! Some folks have more business over here than others, like my friend Katy. Her husband, Chris, is a talented musician and plays regularly in the summer at places like San Miguel's and the Quarterdeck. This past Wednesday she came with her daughter (minus her son Cooper who is 6 weeks younger than Anderson) and her in-laws to San Miguel's and invited us to tag along! Brad had the hospital board meeting, so Anderson was my date for the evening :) San Miguel's is in the Shelter Cove Harbor and every night in the summer they have a festival like atmosphere and on Tuesday nights there are fireworks! It really was entertaining!

Wearing Anna Kate's silly hat from the children's performer

Anna Kate and Anderson--the point and shoot was not quick enough!

Anna Kate dancing to the beat of her daddy!

Anderson was quite the night owl and made it well over an hour past his bedtime and he was still awake when we got home! I think I might have heard him sigh with relief when I put him in crib!

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