Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!

WOW! It is so hard for me to believe that 2008 has already come and gone. I say this every single year, but it continues to be true year after year. 2008 sure did bring a lot for Brad and I---namely, we moved to a new town and had a baby! We had a quiet evening at home for the new year and did not even stay up to watch the ball drop--it was great! Brad and I were talking and we cannot remember a time that we did not do anything for the new year and quite honestly it was a welcome change! Now, that does not mean that the new year did not bring any drama. Thursday morning we had to page the veterinarian because Flash could hardly move, he had some nasty stuff in his eyes, and his neck was covered in this foul smelling liquid. It was terrible and he was pitiful. Brad met the vet at the office and it turns out that Flash had a "hot spot" that he must have scratched and it got infected and he also had an eye infection. I felt terrible. I have no idea how that got past me. The vet told Brad that this could literally happen overnight and not to feel bad, but I can't help it. I am happy to report that after some antibiotics he was feeling much better later that day and he is now more like himself. New Year's night we went to a dinner party that I think had the best New Year's meal I have ever put in my face. The menu included pork tenderloin, black eyed peas, collards, risotto, ham, salad, and tortellini with all sorts of good stuff in it. Not to mention all of the appetizers and cocktails. Anderson stayed up for a bit to enjoy the fun with his friend Daniel, but decided about 7 that he was ready to call it a night. Brad and I decided to go ahead and put him in his car seat and basically by the time I had gotten him strapped in, he was knocked out! That allowed us to stay and enjoy the party a bit longer---how lucky that worked for us!

Party Animal on New Year's Eve

I put him down in his crib for 2 seconds to grab the boppy from another room and this is what I came back to! I had to wake him up to feed him--what a sleepyhead :)

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Jodie said...

poor flashers! peter has had one of those before and that is true about it being overnight. miss you guys tons and happy 2009!

Christie said...

That is the cutest picture!

Jennifer said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Talberts! I love all the new updates!