Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress!!

The Monday after Christmas Paige, momma, and myself made a quick trip to Charleston to take a look at a bridesmaid dress that Paige has been looking at. She found this dress months ago but it has been tough to track down as many shops carried the brand, but did not have a sample of the particular dress. Finally, she found a boutique in Mt. Pleasant that had a sample! Deborah, a friend of Paige's and also a bridesmaid, drove down from Columbia to meet us there. We both tried on the dress and Paige LOVED it! I was so glad because it seems that Paige always has the hardest time finding exactly what she wants and also does struggle some with making decisions unless the obvious answer slaps her in the face (she will tell you the same thing!). Here it is!

Neither Deborah or I could get the dress zipped in the back! I just love the bubble hem! The dresses will be a sage green (unless Paige changes her mind) and I think we will be wearing silver shoes (again subject to change)!!!

No trip to Charleston would be complete without a stop at Meme and Papa Love's house. They literally live off of HWY 17 on the way home.

Anderson and Meme

No clothes??

Anderson does not have any clothes on b/c he had a major blowout (worse than the one Christmas) and it got all in his clothes (and the carseat). You would think I would have an extra set of clothes for the child in his diaper bag---not so lucky. But what was lucky-- we were at Meme's house and she washed and dried it for him. Be rest assured that there is now a change of clothes that stays in his bag!

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Jodie said...

LOVE the dress! You will have to give me the details so I can share it with some of my brides. I am so glad P found one!

Zarebski said...

Great find.!! Looking so gorgeous in black bridesmaid dress. Back design is pretty cool.