Thursday, January 1, 2009

Three Christmases!

Yup, just like the movie. Well, that is, minus one. I really think that everyone can identify in some capacity to the movie Four Christmases. While your family may not be as colorful as some of the characters in the movie, at some point you do say "that is so my family"! I am happy to report that mine nor Brad's family mirror any of those fools in the movie, we did travel around Christmas day to have 3 different Christmases! It was slightly exhausting, but we still very much enjoyed ourselves and loved celebrating Christmas with as much family as we could! Anderson did great---the traveling and change of scenery did not throw him off one bit!

We arrived in Spartanburg Tuesday night, Christmas Eve we went to church and then came back to Brad's parent's house to open gifts with his grandmother, Mommie. This was her first time meeting Anderson! We left with many nice gifts---we always get more than we deserve!
Anderson (and his mother!!) were very excited to get a Baby Einstein stationary entertainer along with lots of other fun presents!

Mommie with Anderson and Grandaddy looking on

Grabbing that wrapping paper Christmas morning!

Who can resist this face?

Christmas morning, we headed to Beaufort to my parents house! The traffic was light, so it made for an easy drive. Of course Anderson decided that in the car was the best time to have a blow-out, and when I say blow-out I mean everywhere!! Caused a slight delay, but we did finally make and look what Big Daddy and Beegee had for him....

Anderson on his Radio Flyer Bouncy Horse!

It will be a while before he can enjoy this toy...but you have to let the grandparents buy those kinds of gifts I guess! He, of course, got many other great things!

Then it was off to Meme Trimmier's house to get together with some aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Anderson with Lindsey

Anderson and Kelsey

Meme and Anderson

On the back deck around the fire pit

Sitting with Paige

Christmas night we packed it all up and made the 45 minute trip home! We were happy to spend time with our family and friends, but were glad to be home. There were a few people that I wished could have spent some time with Christmas, namely my meme and papa Love and Brad's granparents, but current circumstances just don't allow that right now (we would have liked to have seen Bobbie and Daniel too--but luckily we saw them the weekend before) We did see Meme and Papa Love a few days ago--I'll post about that later!

Oh yeah, and Saturday we went back down to Beaufort to go to an engagement party. We spent the night at Meme Trimmier's house and she stayed with Anderson while we went to the party. He did great--I put him down after feeding him at 7 and he was out like a light! Thank you Meme! And congratulations Maggie and Cecil!! They are getting married June 6, 2009!

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