Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Mother's Day!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day on Sunday! It was such a great day and made me so thankful to have Anderson and grateful that he is healthy and happy! Honestly, he makes every day Mother's Day! After church, we had planned on going out in the boat after Anderson woke up from his afternoon nap. Unfortunately, the weather did not look promising and called for afternoon thunderstorms so we opted for the pool instead. Since we have all of 6 neighbors (total people) it is like a private pool! Brad had a wonderful lunch of fried chicken and diet coke for us-- this is a treat b/c we have been sort of trying to make healthier choices and thus I have not been buying diet cokes and fried chicken. I do miss those diet cokes, but really did need to cut back. He bought me a 12 pack of little 8oz cokes so I can continue to enjoy them all week. I did enjoy 4 on Sunday though! At the pool, Anderson was able to stand on the steps and he loves that freedom (even though I was basically on top of him!). Then he enjoyed crawling around in the grass in the large common area adjacent to the pool complex. Me, I enjoyed watching him have so much fun!

The ones of the 3 of us were not taken on Sunday, but I though it was good time to post them!

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Christie said...

So, so cute!

Jodie said...

I love your hair that length and Anderson is so cute i want to bite him!

Amanda Ware said...

I love the pictures of the three of you. Also, I can't believe that you gave up Diet Coke. I have been trying to cut back to one a day and can't even do that. Good for you!