Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been wanting to do this post since Sunday, but have had to spend every free moment trying to finish the book club selection, The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao, for the upcoming meeting---tonight! Not the beach read books that I am used to reading, but I do feel smarter for reading it at least! HA!

Last weekend was the annual gathering of my BFF's from MUSC. We were all great friends in OT (occupational therapy) school and survived gross anatomy, late and at the time felt like endless study sessions, project after paper, etc..together! I am grateful to have found such wonderful friends and thank my lucky stars that I had them through 3 years of OT school! This year all the girls (almost) came to HHI! We were missing 2: Rachel who lives in MA and is pregnant with twins due end of July and was not allowed to travel and also Holly who ended up in the ER with major gastro issues that is still a mystery at the moment. We missed them terribly, but managed to have a little bit of fun!

They arrived Friday afternoon with enough time to give the outlets a workout. Amazing how things have changed as we spent most of our time in children's stores buying for the little ones! I am sure that most of you are not going to be surprised that we went to Wiseguys Friday night! Kasey was the DD this year as she is due 4/4! Little did we know that we also had a another DD--Melanie is pregnant again (she has twin girls) and due 11/21!

Me, Melanie, Kasey, and Shelley

Pomegranate-Pear Martini's
Saturday we went to the beach at Port Royal Plantation all day and enjoyed the sun. I did a botch job on sunscreen application and looked like a patchwork quilt after the fact. Nice. When we were leaving a parrot flew onto a pool chair? Then flew off again. Huh?

Saturday night we headed to San Miguel's to enjoy some live music and coastal atmosphere down at the Shelter Cove Harbor (these girls are landlocked at home!).

Later that night we threw a mini-shower for Kasey and she got lots of goodies for her little boy!

Fun times! I was sad to see everyone leave and am looking forward to next year!

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