Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Poster Child!

I absolutely love Anderson's 1 year pictures and I look at them more than is probably considered normal! I bought the rights to all the pictures taken b/c it would have been an unrealistic expectation to have me just choose a few to have! I did order many of my favorites in different sizes for around the house and now just need to decided where to put them. Here is a sample of some of my favorites and what you might see on our walls, on mantles, shelves, and any other flat surface!

****************Credits for all of the above pictures: Silly Goose Photography***************

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Kelly said...

WOW!!! Those pictures are amazing...he is adorable! Is it sometimes hard to believe that he's actually yours? I feel that way with Gracie sometimes...kinda like it's too good to be I can't believe I'm actually lucky enough to be her mom. I know you are enjoying every minute with him.

I'll be home in November (8th-21st) with Gracie...I'd love to see you and meet Anderson! Let me know if you think it might work out to let them play somewhere on the island or if you'll be in Bft.

Margaret said...

Jennifer, he is GORGEOUS!!!! I don't blame you for looking at the pictures all the time--I'd do the same thing! They're fabulous!!! I'd love more info on the photographer!