Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Summertime!

I always think of Labor Day Weekend as the unofficial end of summer, even though the official last day of summer is September 21st. Summer coming to an end is slightly depressing, but I am also looking forward to all the new things that Anderson will be able to do this fall that he could not do last year! This Labor Day started off with Momma's birthday and me, Brad, Paige, and Charlie took her and daddy out to celebrate!

In honor of the unofficial end of summer (we still intend to enjoy what we have left!!), here is a small sampling of the things we did to keep ourselves entertained--we did some of these this weekend too! Beware...lots of pictures!

Swimming in the pool on Tuesdays with some of Anderson's buddies!

Swinging in the swing that daddy hung!

Outlet shopping!

Swimming in the pool at BeeGee and Big Daddy's

Playing in boxes when Aunt Paige comes!

Acrobatics at Dolphin Head!

Fun in the salt pan!

The Sandbar---a favorite!

Boat Rides!

Riding in the buggy!

More buggy riding at the farm!

The beach!

Riding in the bike trailer!

Loved the garden hose!

Playing at the Sandbox!

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Katy said...

He look so much like his Daddy in the Boat ride picture!