Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Special Daddy!

The old saying that tells you that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy is so very true! We celebrated Brad's first father's day today, and as an added bonus, I got to spend some time with my daddy too! Brad has been talking about wanting to go crabbing, so we loaded up and headed down to my grandmother's house in Beaufort. She has the perfect crabbing place and we used to catch so many crabs off that dock when I was growing up! Today we also got a show from a couple of dolphins who were feeding near the banks---it is amazing to watch and it is only the second time I have seen it during all of my years living in these parts!

Anderson had a ball with the garden hose in the baby pool, helped catch some blue crabs, went on a boat ride, played with BeeGee & Big Daddy & MeMe, and crawled in the yard until he was exhausted!

Dolphins feeding near the bank!

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Jodie said...

he is so cute! he looks more and more like a little boy everyday..i miss y'all so much!

Jo Leigh said...

I absolutely LOVE that last picture - priceless! What a cutie pie! Glad y'all had a nice day!