Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Major!

Late afternoon Saturday was Charlie's promotion from Captain to Major! We are all very proud of Charlie for this honor and, of course, all that he does serving our country. For those of you who do not know, Charlie is a pilot in the United States Marine Corps and is stationed in Beaufort. Charlie most recently flew F18 Hornets and just a few weeks ago received orders to remain in Beaufort, but now he will fly the C12 Huron.

F18 Hornet

C12 Huron

The ceremony was a bit unconventional b/c Charlie really wanted Paige to be involved in the process and take part in the promotion. Since she is in Columbia and during the week she has classes, the only option was to hold it on the weekend. Evidently, it is usually held at the Officer's Club and the tradition is for the newly promoted to have an open bar tab! Charlie's wallet is probably thanking him that it was a bit more low key and held in his living room instead!

Paige puts on one of Charlie's Major pins

Hal, Charlie, and Pete (Lt. Colonels who performed the ceremony)

Brad, Me, Major Charlie, and Paige

We joke with Charlie and say he is going to be the ultimate uncle. Now, let it be known that I have only one sister and Brad is an only child! When Anderson is old enough, he can take him on the planes, on the airfield, and let him play with all the gear that pilots use--little boy paradise!

Again, we are very proud of Charlie! Support our Troops!

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