Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time to Bulk up....

Anderson had is 4 month old well child visit Thursday! All is well and he is a healthy boy :) However, there is this issue of weight. I knew it was going to be a discussed point during the visit when the nurse told me he was in the 5th percentile weighing in at an overwhelming 11lb, 2 oz. I was not at all surprised by the weight, as I had just been at the hospital the day before and knew exactly what he weighed. I was also aware that he is smaller than other babies his age but he eats every 3 hours, is not hungry between feedings, and sleeps 7 to 7. I thought that maybe the pediatrician was going to tell me to start him on rice cereal to get some additional calories, which did in fact happen. But in addition, I have to replace one of his nursing periods with formula. That is when I about stroked out. I have nothing against formula, I just had it in my mind that he was not going to get a drop of it until 6 months--at least, that was my original goal and then I was going to re-evaluate. It upset me more than I thought it would-- but, I honestly think it is because I have to give up control and it is not on my terms. Since he is happy, sleeping, and not hungry between feedings the pediatrician said he is getting adequate nutrition. Evidently, Anderson has a serious metabolism and is burning it up! We just need to pump some extra calories in there to plump him up a bit. As for the entire visit (except when they first undressed him and he was cold) my boy was an angel and was smiling, cooing, and moving around like crazy during his exam! He got 4 vaccines and really did take them like a champ--cried briefly and recovered very quickly! He got a clean bill of health and is a happy, healthy baby!

I actually like this stuff! YUM!

I ate the whole serving--well, except what I wore!

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