Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Chaos!

I love this time of year, but it can really make your head spin! We have had fun with all of the Christmas cheer and look forward to more to come, but it can be exhausting. I hate to say no to anything that involves celebrating Christmas for fear of being the called the Grinch! Friday night we went to a very nice holiday party hosted by Elizabeth and Randy Lamkin. In addition to being the CEO of the hospital, she also throws a fantastic party! Paige (my sister) came to babysit and Charlie (future brother-in-law) came later---THANKS you two!!! Saturday, for reasons Brad and I cannot explain, we decided to head over to the Savannah Mall---horrible idea. There were no parking spaces, the stores were packed and trying to navigate with a stroller was killer, and the traffic was horrendous. We won't be doing that again. Internet shopping all the way from now on. After church on Sunday was the Christmas Brunch for the young families Sunday school class. Yummy food, I mean delish!!!! Thanks to Staci and Steve for hosting! One funny thing happened at brunch....this is classic.....some of the boys (6/7 year olds) were wanting to be entertained and their dad said "why don't you go outside and look for deer", kinda like "go look for elves". Brad looked out the window playing along and wouldn't you know what was out there......

YES! There were deer in the backyard!!! I am not making this up! And speaking of deer--Brad finally got his buck of the season! If you are interested, go to Brad's blog for all of the details. I would post a picture, but I think the above is enough wildlife for now on my blog!

Also, good news! Anderson gained 5 oz in 5 days! Thursday he was 11 lb, 2 I took him up to the hospital and he was 11 lb, 7 oz!!! YAY! And we were able to do it without a formula supplement (we were able to come up with another solution) so I can continue with my original goal!

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