Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus??

Actually, it's Jennifer, Brad, and Anderson!!!!

We were so honored and thrilled to be asked to be Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in our church Nativity Pageant on Wednesday night! To celebrate Christmas, instead of the usual dinner and bible studies, the Christian Life Center was transformed into Bethlehem! You had to register with the census, there were tax collectors, and you went around to booths to eat the food of the time Jesus was born. There were also stations to get a headpiece (like the one Brad has on), make jewelry, woodworking, and all sorts of other activities. Of course, there was also the Nativity pageant! Anderson was so sweet and did not make a peep for the entire performance. He was just staring at the audience taking it all in. Our friend, Staci, who was taking pictures for us said that he just kept looking around-- I think he was most likely trying to figure out what we were subjecting him to this time :) I was so nervous and just kept thinking that he was going to cry through the entire thing. I am sure people expect that babies are unpredictable, but I really wanted it to go off without a hitch. Well, are prayers were answered because he was just perfect and Brad and I were (and are) so proud of him! He even let us place him in the manger! Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus were certainly big roles to fill and I hope that we were successful in helping to illustrate the true meaning of Christmas!

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Inspiring Your Life said...

You look so happy. May god bless your family.

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Jennifer said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Anderson is getting so big! What a handsome little guy.

Jennifer said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Anderson is getting so big, what a handsome little guy!