Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Days!

Anderson started a Mother's Morning Out program at our church 2 mornings a week! His first day was Tuesday and he did fabulous! He cried when I dropped him off, which was heartbreaking--of course! I know it is developmental and sign of good socio-emotional health, but it is still hard on a momma's heart. I went to the church library and spent my time doing the bible study homework for Wednesday night (Beth Moore Study = lots of homework). About 10:30, Lisa, the children's ministry director came and told me that Anderson was doing fantastic and was having a ball playing! That did my heart a world of good. For me, it is hard to have time to myself and feel good about it if he is miserable. Thankfully, that does not appear to be the case! To get ready for school, Santa brought him a personalized pre-school backpack from Pottery Barn! It is so darn cute!

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Jo Leigh said...

Thanks for a huge smile at the end of my day! That is so stinkin' cute to see little Anderson looking like such a big boy with his book bag! I'm so glad he did well...why do they have to grow up so fast, though?

Kelly said...

Super CUTE - both the backpack and the boy!!!

I'm so glad he is doing well in his nursery school class!!! And thrilled that you get to have a few hours to yourself!

Jodie said...

He is getting so big! He just looks like a little boy. I am soooo excited for you to have another one too. Congratulations to you and Brad and Anderson. A little brother is going to be such a blessing - they will be best friends!!!!!!!!!!! i love y'all!